Demystifying Camping Safaris

Camping conjures up many different images for the different people – memories of scouts and guide camps as a youth or perhaps family camping trips but for the purpose of describing the safaris we offer, we have divided camping into four categories

Budget Camping Safaris

budget camping involves travelling with all your camp equipements, your guide and possibly the cook in your vehicle with you. Once you get to the camp everyone helps to cook and set up. This is economical and fun, but does mean that you spend your valuable time in evening organizing your camp and food when you could be out on game drives, These services use less expensive shared or public campsites but exclusive camps or campsites with shower and toilet facilities outside the parks can be booked and used , beds are usually small mattresses on the floor of a small tent .

Light Weight Luxury Camping

Like the luxury camps, tents will have metal or wood- frame beds, stranding headroom, a verandah and small en-suite toilet and hotel showers, however, tents will be smaller and may be traditional “A” shape with a central ridge pole, The camps are fully staffed and meals will be three course affairs served by a waiter in a lantern lit mess tent or on a table under the stars, pick up trucks rather than lorries often moves these camps so they don’t have luxuries such as a deep freeze, there will usually be wine, beer and sodas on ice in camp, Lightweight camps like this can be moved overnight and offer an amazing degree of comfort while maintaining the flexibility of a light camp

Fly Camping

Involves setting up small temporary camps for a night under the stars, more often than not in a remote part of the bush, fly camping are the ideal end to a day’s walking safari or game drives with many unexpected comforts – a caravan wash basin with hot water, fresh towels, hurricane lumps and delicious foods cooked on the fire, At night , the sensation of sleeping in a light tent or just under a mosquito net as a moon shines down and the noises of the African night begin, it is a highlight of any safari holiday.

Luxury Camping

Imagine feather pillows, soft towels, in and tonic and four course gourmet meals in a candlelit dining tent as far as from the hustle- bustle of modern life as you can get, This is what luxury camping is all about, the tents are roomy and comfortable with a verandah in front and the bathroom with hot water shower, wash basin and the toilet directly behind the tent, The luxury tent has a bedside table, gas or solar lamps, chairs and wardrobe for your clothing , a deep freeze will supply your drinks with ice and keep specialty food items fresh, laundry is done daily, a large staff will ensure that your meals are gourmet and all needs in the camp are met, Luxury camps are often situated so that you can enjoy the same area for several days .