How do i obtain my visa?

Visa is required for all except citizens of the Commonwealth, Scandinavian countries and the Republic of Ireland. Before departure, you can obtain a visa from the Tanzania Embassy or High Commissioner in your country. You can also get your visa at our major entry points such as Airports, Sea ports, and borders.

How long in advance should i book my safari?

We recommend at least 6 months before a day you plan to start a safari. However, the earlier the better because this gives use a wide room to book for hotels and lodges in Tanzania National Parks.

What is the wheather like?

The climate is tropical on the coast, on the Islands and in Selous. It is temperate in the other parks. October to mid-March is the hottest period and from June to September the coolest. There is light rainfall in November and the rainy season is from mid-March to the end of May.

Can i customize my tour?

If you are arranging an exclusive vehicle & custom safari, then you are free to arrange whatever itinerary you choose, within logistical constraints. We present a small selection of proven itinerary favourites in this website. We can arrange any required itinerary subject to practical and logistical considerations and will be pleased to discuss and quote for your special requirements.

Are children allowed on safari?

A safari is a wonderful trip for any child old enough to enjoy and appreciate the experience. On most safaris there are quite long trips on rough roads, and these cannot really be recommended for babies and very young children. Children under 12 will benefit from reduced fares on scheduled airlines, and many lodges will provide an additional bed for a child sharing a room with parents at a reduced cost. Most Lodges have large rooms with two double beds as standard. Some luxury small capacity tented camps do not allow children younger than 12 years old.

What is the food like?

Whether you do a lodge or camping safari, the below would be a typical menu. Breakfast: Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, porridge, fruits, fruit juice, scrambled eggs/omelet, sausage, toast, margarine, honey and jam. Lunch: Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, chips, sandwiches, biscuits, pancakes with honey or jam, and fruits Dinner: soup, cooked meat or vegetarian meal (these include chicken/beef with rice, sliced fresh carrots and green beans, mashed potatoes, and salads), fruits, and fruit juice, and variety of hot drinks.

Interactions with locals?

Tanzanians are among friendly people in the world and you will have enough time to integrate with them at anytime. Put in mind like in other places in the world you will be required to ask for their permission before taking any photograph. Otherwise you are welcomed to do much with them including their daily activities.

Best time to travel?

Tanzania is considered by many as the best place to go on a safari. With 15 different national parks with different unique feature, lakes, ocean, mountains and much more it is really your choice on where to be. Welcome to Tanzania the land of Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar Spice Island as it is commonly recognized.

The Wildebeest Migration?

Animal Migration means periodic change of animal movement from one place to another, and in Tanzania and Kenya it’s referred to Serengeti and Mara parks. In late May / early June migration (mainly wildebeests and zebras) begin their annual kingdom migration from north of Serengeti (Tanzania) to the Mara crossing the Mara River, reaching Masai Mara Park (Kenya) sometime in mid July /early August depending on rain endings. After the short rains in the month of November, the herds move back into Serengeti and make their way to the southern pastures where they rest and feed through the rains until their search for better grazing leads them to begin their annual migration once again.

Travel Insurance?

It is always advisable to have travel insurance while visiting East Africa just like any other parts of the world. An element of personal risk that is of hazardous nature is involved in all the expeditions. Members in such an expedition must accept this risk. You are advised to take out an Insurance policy to cover personal accidents and medical expenses. This can be arranged on request.

Any Safety Concerns?

In general petty theft does occur in East Africa’s major cities and towns. Visitors should take the same care as they would normally take in any other destination worldwide. Keep a close watch on handbags, wallets, and cameras when walking in crowded places. Avoid walking at night and place valuables in safe deposit boxes at hotels. While at safari lodges and tented camps you are typically far removed from human settlement and crime is virtually non existent. We advise that valuables be locked away or kept under the supervision of the camp or lodge manager while on safari.